Private Safaris Vs Group Safaris: Which Is the Better Choice?

Are you planning to go on an African vip desert safari but are not yet quite sure whether you would like to arrange for a private safari or go on a more affordable group safari? Well, needless to say, both have their own pros and cons. However, if you really want to take it up a notch and get the most from this unique experience, it is very much advisable that you go on a private safari instead. After all, this only happens once during most people’s lifetime.

The Advantages of Going on a Private Safari

When you finally decide to go on a private African safari, you are actually setting yourself up for quite an amazing adventure. To be quite honest about it, you are setting the stage for the trip of a lifetime! And while this may considerably be more expensive than going on a packaged group safari tour, it does offer a lot of features and benefits that are not even remotely possible if you decide to choose the other route.

You get your own private vehicle and tour guide. If you don’t want to share this once in a lifetime experience with a group of strangers with conflicting interests, then there is no point of going on a group safari. It will only ruin your vacation. By choosing a private African safari, you get your own private vehicle and tour guide so there will absolutely be no scrambling around to secure the best seats available. In addition, you will be in complete control of where you want to go and how long you want to stay in a particular location.

You decide what you want to see. Since the trip will be designed to accommodate your particular interests, you can choose which animals you want to see in their natural habitats. So, whether you are interested in large herbivores such as elephants, rhinos, wildebeests and zebras or in the predators such as the cheetahs, leopards and lions, your wish will surely be granted. You get to enjoy everything at your own leisurely pace. Is there a better way to spend your safari adventure than this?